Reboot the system!

A journey into the emerging future of action with crises affected people

about us

Who we are

A new independent and open platform of experienced professionals and free thinkers from different backgrounds with a heartfelt interest in the emerging future of international response to crises

A network reflecting the current mechanism of response to crises, possible answers for change and promoting new ways of action with emphasis on field-led initiatives on the ground rather than top-down policy directives.

What we are standing for

We all share the conviction that affected people deserve better ways of crisis response from the international community.

We call for a truly collaborative response to crises.

Our vision does imply a power shift for responsibility for crises responses from international capacities to local capacities related with a change of role for international actors. It is without alternative to put people affected by crises and their voices, visions and capacities at the center of crises response. Everybody should be ready to contribute to such changes.

An exciting explorative journey

for social transformation. Towards smart solutions and associated changes in management and learning culture.


How we work

Responses for crises affected people largely failing

Internal and external environments in which actors operate today are significantly more complex than 20 years ago. 

The current institutionalized system is not sufficiently capable of being self-critical and innovative enough to cope with the task of reaching out to the dozens of millions forced into suffering because of conflict, climate change, extreme poverty in all its dimensions and exploitation. 

The current responses have often failed to support people and communities becoming independent, self-reliant, resilient and responsible for their own lives.

need to Reboot the SYstem

Suspend old habits of organizing and financing international response to crisis.

Start to pay attention to those affected by crisis by actually listening to their views and by working in a collaborative system.

Our aim is to use and strengthen collective expertise, offer platforms to connect old and new actors and to work on selected leverage points in order to advance towards our vision.

Sub groups of the ReflACTION network are working on possible solutions

Future role of civil society organisations in a collaborative system of international response to crises

Alternative models of international response to crises based on the assumption of a complete reboot of the system

Cash transfer systems for all people whose own capacities are structurally or temporarily overstretched to increase people’s resilience to crises


Join us with your idea and engagement for a better international response to crisis!

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